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Take Out Your Anger With This Meme-Based Photo Editor

Take Out Your Anger With This Meme-Based Photo Editor

June 20, 2012
Big into Internet memes? If you are, then Cat Head Studios' new Rage Booth app is sure to provide plenty of LULZ. With the app, you can either superimpose its included rage icons onto existing photos within your Camera Roll, or you can manually morph those photos into an actual representation of whatever familiar face you've selected. It's a lot of fun, and if you consider yourself one the web's great comic minds, it's probably worth adding to your collection. Rage Booth is free on the App Store, though that version comes with an admittedly limited feature set. To really get the most out of the app, you'll need to cough up a couple of bucks and download some $0.99 content packs. Still, even if you stay with the no-cost basic release, you'll no doubt find a few hours of fun. With the extra bonus of being able to add custom text and dialogue balloons to your angry masterpiece, there's a lot of room for experimentation. When you're done, simply post your modified pic to Twitter, Facebook, or just email the image to a friend (or enemy). There will always be a lot of stuff to get mad about. That's the beauty of life. And that's the beauty of Rage Booth, too.

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