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Tapbots Teases Us Again With More Tweetbot For Mac Innuendo

June 21, 2012

Tweetbot, you've been on my mind.

I was getting very frustrated with Twitter for Mac today. It was doing that thing where it wouldn't refresh my feed again. Then, I realized: Twitter was down. It actually wasn't Twitter for Mac's fault ... this time. I had only assumed it was failing me miserably again — as it does on a daily basis.

Coincidentally, The Verge then asked Twitter which desktop client was the best. I didn’t even think, I just typed:

Hands down. There is nothing comparable to Tweetbot.

That’s right. I’m a Tweetbot fangirl. I’m a soldier in the Tapbots army. And you know why? Because they make good stuff. That’s it. They make beautiful, functional, near-perfect apps and I just want to keep throwing my money at them until I have every app possible with a “bot” on the end. RSSbot, Instabot, Calbot, Angry Bots — I want it all! Tapbots’ apps to me are as Pokémon are to Ash.

[caption id="attachment_312701" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="YES!!!!1"][/caption]

And I'm also a Twitter snob, so take my advice: Tweetbot has no competition here. Everything you need to do to feed your twittererer obsession you can do with Tweetbot, and you can do it well (and with gestures!).

Mark Jardine has been teasing us with the idea of Tweetbot for Mac for quite sometime now. We know it's happening, and even that it’s being worked on and being used (as you can tell by the “Tweetbot for Mac” teaser in his tweets). The only question that remains is: WHEN WILL TAPBOTS SAVE US FROM AWFUL DESKTOP TWITTER CLIENTS?!?!

Then, today, we got another little taste, this time with visuals:

There it is: Tweetbot for Mac, in all of its glory. Yes, the layout looks similar to that of Twitter for Mac — which, to be honest, I'm not concerned about. Why? Because I know Tapbots will flawlessly execute their badass Twitter client on yet another platform. And, unlike Twitter for Mac, it will work. It will be beautiful and make wonderful sounds and not make me want to throw my laptop across the room each time I try to use it. But, until then, I'll be content using Tweetbot on my iPhone and my iPad. And I'll wait.

But we can only take so much, Tapbots. Please make our Macs happy soon.

So, to all of you who also throw your laptops across the room because Twitter for Mac and Osfoora just don’t cut it: Patience, my friends. All we need is just a little patience.

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