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The AppAdvice iOS 6 Quick Pick

Packed with 200 new and/or improved features, iOS 6 is much different than the iOS it will soon replace, Version 5. AppAdvice will occasionally highlight one of these new features in a column we’re calling, the iOS 6 Quick Pick. Enjoy! Today’s new feature arrived with iOS 6 beta 2. Now, users in Mail can resend emails. This means redrafting the same email is no longer necessary. [caption id="attachment_314400" align="aligncenter" width="373" caption="iOS 6 - Send Again feature in Mail"]iOS 6 - Send Again feature in Mail[/caption] For example, you recently sent an email to a friend to confirm an upcoming dinner date. Unfortunately, for whatever the reason, your friend failed to respond. Instead of redrafting a new email, iOS 6 lets you hit a “Send Again” button, which is an available option after clicking on the reply button in Mail. Best of all, you can revise the previous email before you send it again. Kinda cool, don’t you think? What other iOS 6 features would you like AppAdvice to highlight in the coming weeks and months? We thank our reader Patrick for the tip!