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The iOS 6 Quick Pick

The iOS 6 Quick Pick

June 15, 2012
Packed with 200 new and/or improved features, iOS 6.0 is much different than the iOS it will soon replace, Version 5.0. Beginning today, AppAdvice will occasionally highlight one of these new features in a column we’re calling, the iOS 6.0 Quick Pick. Enjoy!

You know, that stretchy thing

For the first time, the Mail app in iOS includes a Pull to Refresh feature, which uses what we’d like to call "that stretchy thing." By swiping your finger top to bottom, your Inbox is automatically updated, as a refresh icon is stretched thin like a piece of chewing gum. This ability makes checking for new emails on your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad faster than ever. Our only question: Did Apple credit Tweetie 2 developer Loren Brichter for this functionality in the iOS 6.0 code or did they forget like Facebook once did? Any developers out there with the answer? What other iOS 6.0 features would you like AppAdvice to highlight in the coming weeks and months?

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