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Will The Original iPad Be Unable To Support iOS 6?

Will The Original iPad Be Unable To Support iOS 6?

June 11, 2012
Well, tomorrow's the big day. WWDC is finally here, and we'll be giving you guys live coverage of the event. Although the event is in just a few hours, rumors are still making the rounds. The newest of which involves iOS 6 and the original iPad, according to MacRumors. Originally uncovered by Chinese forum, WeiPhone, are a set of links that claim to host official beta builds of iOS 6 to be released tomorrow. Strangely enough, there doesn't seem to be an included link for the original iPad and third generation iPod touch. It is unclear whether or not Apple intends to phase out its original game-changing tablet so soon, or if WeiPhone just didn't get the link for the iOS 6 beta for iPad. According to the provided links, the iPhone 3GS seems to be capable of running iOS 6, so it wouldn't make sense that the original iPad, which is much more powerful than the iPhone 3GS, wouldn't support it. MacRumors had this to say about the supposed leaks:
The accuracy of the claim can not be confirmed given that the links are not yet pointing to the files, but clicking on the links does take users to an error page stating "Your session has expired." Altering the URLs to reference a different build number or making other changes yields an "Access denied" error message, suggesting that there is indeed something unique about the leaked URLs.
Peculiar as it is, we won't know for sure what Apple has in store until tomorrow. Do you think Apple should still support the original iPad? Source: WeiPhone Via: MacRumors Image: CNET

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