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Wreak Havoc As A Zombie In Zombie Carnaval

Wreak Havoc As A Zombie In Zombie Carnaval

June 1, 2012
Zombie Carnaval by Mobigame icon

Zombie Carnaval ($0.99) by Mobigame is a game where zombies are enraged and revolting against society. The people are in danger, the city is being run over, and all hell has broken loose. This endless runner is perfect for all ages and is worth the download price.

Zombies are the new age phenomenon for gaming it seems. Anything with zombies included is ultimately a hit. I personally don’t understand why, but most people are infatuated with the idea of a zombie apocalypse. This game is still a lot of fun, even though I’m not a huge fan of the undead.

Zombie Carnaval by Mobigame screenshot

You begin running as a single green zombie through a city full of wreckage. Innocent civilians are trying to escape. You will try to swallow them and turn them into a zombie, and as a result, they are then on your side. The more people you eat, the bigger your zombie army grows. You will need to complete over 60 missions such as eating a certain number of people, jumping on cars, and snagging power ups.

The power ups in this game are awesome and provide a lot of enjoyment. You can turn into a huge cyclops zombie, split into a giant football team, float as a balloon, and much more!

The presentation of this game is downright sweet. The graphics are crisp, the movement is smooth, and the sound effects are spot on. You feel as if you’re a part of the pandemonium. Run for your lives!

Zombie Carnaval by Mobigame screenshot

After you eat enough humans, collect coins, and complete missions, you will be able to purchase upgrades in the game’s store. I provided a few screenshots of example purchases. They really do help you survive.

Game Center is also included for leaderboard support. So play now, and play often, to be number one!

I need to end this review because a horde of zombies is headed my way. Just one thing for you to remember: Make sure you buy this game and play it before they swallow you too!

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