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All Color Will Be Banished From The World Should You Fail To Climb This Endless Tower

All Color Will Be Banished From The World Should You Fail To Climb This Endless Tower

July 7, 2012
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HueShift ($1.99) by Josef Ortner is a puzzle platforming game centered around a simple color switching mechanic.

The basic idea behind the game is that your character can jump while switching between three different colors. Your goal is to keep jumping upwards from platform to platform while dodging enemies, spikey platforms, and a "shock wave" that is rising up from beneath you to banish all color from the world.

HueShift by Josef Ortner screenshot

Quite frankly, it's a harsh fate that you are trying to avoid, but the thought of losing all the color in the world is just about the only source of excitement that you will get from this title.

Gameplay is pretty basic. Tap to jump, and tap on a color on the right side of the screen to change the color of your character. Platforms will be either green, blue, or orange, and you will need to match the color of the player with the color of the platform to land on it. The rule of thumb is that like colors cannot cross through each other, but different colors can cross through each other.

Things can get a little tricky when you begin to face enemies and spiky platforms. To get past an enemy, you can either avoid it, or hit it from below. To do this, you'll need to swap to the color of the upper platform while you are in the air so that you don't pass right through.

HueShift by Josef Ortner screenshot

Your scores are recorded, and there are Game Center leaderboards included to allow competition among your friends and the world. This does some replay value, but to be honest, it won't last you long.

My main complaint with this game is that the gameplay becomes boring after a short amount of time. There just isn't enough content to keep you interested. Even if the story is rather weak, there still could be a few things added that could make for a more engaging experience.

Some things that I think could improve this title would be more difficulty levels, more obstacles, and more types of platforms. In terms of the difficulty levels, maybe adding more colors would suffice. Either way, more content is definitely a must to justify the $1.99 price tag.

All things considered, HueShift is a simple, puzzle platforming game. There isn't much more to it than that. In it's current state, I wouldn't recommend giving this one a try. Hopefully the developer can bring new content to the scene in future updates.

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