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AppFresh Daily: Memory Jar, Great Big War Game, AutoRap, RichText Edit And More

AppFresh Daily: Memory Jar, Great Big War Game, AutoRap, RichText Edit And More

July 18, 2012
AppFresh Daily features the best apps we’ve noticed that have been released in the last 24 hours. Thousands of apps get approved by Apple daily. Instead of having to dig through all of the junk, come to AppFresh Daily, where we hand select what we think are the new potential gems that we’re considering for review each day.


Memory Jar for Evernote (Free, 1.2 MB): Capture treasured memories with this app. The app allows you to add pictures, a description, and tags for a memory. Once you've entered all the information, Memory Jar sends the data to your Evernote account. You can also easily edit existing memories or add new ones.

Bowmaster Augmented Reality (Free, 47.2 MB): With this augmented reality game you can shoot targets in real life. All you have to do is print the special marker available on the developer's website and download this free app. Place the marker on a table and shoot the targets with your virtual bow on your iPhone. You can play against your friends and compete for a high score as well.


AutoRap (Free, 20.6 MB): AutoRap turns your speech into rap and also helps correct bad rapping. The app matches syllables of your speech with the beat you select. All you have to do is speak normally into your phone and the app will create a professional rap out of it. AutoRap also lets you use beats by artists such as Snoop Dogg and Eminem. You can share your rap via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Great Big War Game ($2.99, 99.7 MB): Great Big War Game is a turn-based strategy game for iOS. The game is a sequel to the award winning title Great Little War Game. The objective of the game is to annihilate your enemies in several missions by tactically using the right soldiers in each turn. However, there are also levels where you must defend yourself from a series of attacks. Great Big War Game also features an asynchronous, online multiplayer mode so you can take the battle to the world.


RichText Edit ($0.99, 6.3 MB): This is a powerful rich text editor for the iPad. The app allows you to create beautiful rich text files on the iPad. You can format text by applying different styles and changing the font. RichText Edit also offers an extended keyboard and cursor that allows you to highlight text easily. You can protect the app with a PIN number as well.

That’s it for today. Did we miss anything?

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