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Apple Taking Steps To End In-App Purchase Hack, But It Remains Available For Now

Apple Taking Steps To End In-App Purchase Hack, But It Remains Available For Now

July 16, 2012
If you decided to break the law and become an unscrupulous thief, your days of getting free in-app purchases could soon be coming to an end. Apple is in the process of shutting down a Russian hacker’s service that makes it possible for iOS customers to make in-app purchases for free. Over the course of the past few hours, Apple has taken a number of steps to block Alexey V. Borodin’s tool that automatically authenticates purchases, thereby denying them and developers rightful sales, according to The Next Web. These steps have included taking down servers that processed these fraudulent purchases. Additionally, Borodin’s original step-by-step video is no longer available through YouTube.

Still, the hacker isn’t going down without a fight. Borodin claims his servers are now “hosted in an offshore country in an attempt to evade Apple’s legal requests.” He also states that the service has been updated and cuts out Apple’s servers, thus “improving” the protocol. He says, that the new method, “can and will not reach the App Store anymore, so the proxy (or caching) feature has been disabled." The result, at least for now, is that the service remains operational. As A.T. Faust III first reported, more information on how Borodin’s hack works is available at this link. Also, to learn what Apple and their developers can do to head off the threat, check out Marco Tabini’s piece at Macworld. No doubt, Apple and their lawyers will figure out a way to shut Borodin down for good. Until they do, we strongly advise our readers to not take the bait. Doing so is breaking the law and denying sales to Apple and third-party developers. What should happen to Borodin? Source: The Next Web

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