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Did You Hear The Latest Apple Rumor?

Did You Hear The Latest Apple Rumor?

July 25, 2012
Much of what we do here each week is report on the latest Apple rumors. This time of the year, this has typically meant explaining and reporting on iPhone rumors. Each spring, by contrast, our pages are filled with iPad rumors. Why do we do this? The reason is threefold. For one, we believe these rumors benefit our readers, even if some turn out to be untrue. Remember the iPhone nano, anyone? Plus, rumor stories offer readers a great outlet to vent their opinions on the subject of the day. This, in turn, adds a social element to our site, which we feel is important. Secondly, and we’re not too proud to admit this, rumors sell. Our most popular story of 2012, for example, is about an Apple product that doesn’t even exist – yet. “Apple Has 163 Reasons To Release Fabled 'iPad mini,' has proven so popular, we often cite it when we report on additional iPad mini rumors! Finally, the large number of Apple rumors continues to prove just how popular Cupertino products have become, not just in the U.S., but also across the world. And Apple knows this and reacts accordingly. As Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer confirmed during the company’s latest financial conference call:
There's a lot of speculation out there. It's difficult to sort out but I'm fairly convinced that there's an incredible anticipation out there for future products. As you would expect given what we've been able to deliver in the past. I think it's a reasonable amount.
This doesn’t mean that we publish every rumor we hear about through our contacts or the blogosphere. In most cases, in fact, we actually refrain from posting yet another rumor story. In those cases, we either find the rumor beyond believable, or more likely, find the source dubious. So the next time we publish an Apple rumor, know this: We do so because we find it will benefit our readers. Otherwise, we wouldn't have reported on it. With that being said, here are links to the latest rumors concerning the next iPhone, possible iPad mini, and yes, the fourth-generation iPad. Enjoy!

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