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Early iPhone and iPad Prototype Designs Surface

Early iPhone and iPad Prototype Designs Surface

July 30, 2012
Throughout the course of Apple’s ongoing legal battle with Samsung, some early iPhone and iPad prototype designs have surfaced. One of the prototypes looks very similar to what would later become the iPhone 4 and 4S design. AllThingsD has put together a gallery of images from the Samsung trial court documents. The gallery contains dozens of prototype designs that ultimately helped shape the iPhone into what was released in 2007. According to AllThingsD:
Among the many filings on Saturday was a document with dozens of sketches and prototypes for both the iPhone and iPad. Some had already been included in earlier filings, but Saturday’s collection was particularly extensive. The filing features a host of sketches, images from computer-aided design programs, and photographs of actual models that Apple fabricated as part of its design process.
Apple’s “Purple” prototype dates back to August 2005 and looks almost identical to the design of the white iPhone 4 and 4S. It’s amazing to think that most of what Apple has released was planned years ago. This white iPhone prototype was a finished design even before the original iPhone was launched. While the prototype designs are interesting to look at, I can’t imagine the iPhone being any different. I think out of all the designs that Apple cooked up, the actual products that survived the chopping block were definitely the right choices. If you're interested in viewing more of these prototype designs, visit AllThingsD and check out the full gallery. Source: AllThingsD Via: MacRumors

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