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German Court Clears Motorola Xoom Of iPad Design Infringement

German Court Clears Motorola Xoom Of iPad Design Infringement

July 17, 2012
Remember the Xoom? Well, it turns out that Apple's long-running lawsuit against the design of Motorola's tablet has finally reached its conclusion, as a German court has ruled against the Cupertino company's claims of trade dress infringement. From the Dow Jones Newswire service:
During two hearings prior to the ruling, the presiding judge had indicated the court was leaning in Motorola's favor. Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann said in March that the court considered the evenly bent back and shaped edges on the front of the Xoom tablet sufficient to give the product individual character.
However, it's not all bad for Apple, as the court also ruled against Motorola's assertion that the iPad design patent in question is invalid. That should definitely help Apple protect its wares against the more egregious violators, and it'll hopefully be a strong enough deterrent to dissuade future attempts at copying Cupertino's IP. Source: Dow Jones Newswire Via: iDownloadBlog

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