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Keep Chickens From Getting Extra Crispy In Chickens BBQ

Keep Chickens From Getting Extra Crispy In Chickens BBQ

July 1, 2012
Chickens BBQ by GuGuGames icon

Chickens BBQ ($0.99) by GuGuGames lets you be a hero to chickens everywhere by rescuing them as they jump from burning buildings. Learn to bounce the chickens to safety while dealing with garbage and other surprises along the way.

Chickens BBQ by GuGuGames screenshot

While basic, the premise of this game is addictive and amusing. As the chickens jump from the burning buildings, the player must maneuver the stretcher by moving their finger back and forth so that the chickens bounce to the safety of the ambulance. Sometimes this only takes one bounce, but as the levels get harder the player will have to bounce the chicken several times while also trying to bounce coins to earn extra points.

Throughout Chickens BBQ the player will meet three chickens that are different from the ones being rescued. Two of these chickens are bad and one is good. The good chicken can be seen flying around with a jetpack. The player can earn an extra coin for each time they tap this chicken, but be careful, if tapped too many times, the chicken will fly away. The two evil chickens are an alien chicken that can be warded off by continuously tapping on its UFO and a black chicken that can be expelled by popping all of its balloons. The player will want to get rid of these chickens quickly because the longer they stay around, the more they will negatively affect their game.

There are three main levels (easy, medium, and hard) in Chickens BBQ. Each of these levels contains 50 smaller levels that must be passed before moving on. The medium level can be unlocked by spending 300 coins from the easy level and the hard level can be unlocked by spending 300 coins from the medium level. Each level has its own difficulties.

Once the player has cleared a few of the easy levels, they must learn to bounce both chickens and garbage. Chickens must be bounced into the ambulance and garbage must be bounced into the garbage truck. The player can earn extra points for collecting all of the garbage. Each level also has different items the player can collect. These items can be helpful, like a clock for bonus time and a green potion to make the stretcher bigger. They can also be harmful, like a bomb that will kill the chickens and a red potion that makes the stretcher smaller. The player should also be on the lookout for any specialty items.

Chickens BBQ by GuGuGames screenshot

Overall, I thought this was a cute game that would be better for children than adults. The bright graphics are reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons, making it a game perfect for kids. The $0.99 will be money well spent on any child that needs to be entertained.

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