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Metal Slug 3 Blasts Its Way Into The App Store - Brings New Features And Intense Nostalgia

Metal Slug 3 Blasts Its Way Into The App Store - Brings New Features And Intense Nostalgia

July 12, 2012
Metal Slug 3, possibly one of the most well-known 2-D arcade shooters ever (and my personal favorite), has been ported to iOS. However, according to the app's release notes, this is more than just a port of Neo-Geo's 22-year-old run-and-gun game. In addition to its classic Arcade Mode, Metal Slug 3 for iOS now features a Mission Mode that allows you to select which stage you want to play. Now you can play your favorite stages when you want to, or train on any that are giving you trouble. You favorite vehicles are back, too. Fight through the battlefield in Slug Mariners, Drill Slugs, Elephant Slugs, and of course, the original Metal Slugs. Perhaps the best part of the original arcade title was spending countless quarters with your friends on co-op play. Well, you can enjoy all the perks of Metal Slug 3 multiplayer via Bluetooth on your iDevice. Just launch the game on two iDevices, pair them up over Bluetooth, and you're good to go! And what would any great iOS game be without Game Center support? Completing the maximum number of achievements will increase your in-game rank, while global leaderboards are available to see how you fare against the world. Although it isn't stated in the app's release notes, Metal Slug 3 features iCade support, which, when in use, will remove the on-screen controls. This pretty much gives Metal Slug 3 a guaranteed spot on our list of the best games for the iCade. Metal Slug 3 is available in the App Store for $6.99. Fortunately, Metal Slug 3 is a universal app, unlike SNK Playmore's last iOS release. The $6.99 price tag may seem a bit steep, but I have definitely spent well over quadruple that amount to play this in arcades over the years. Another few bucks couldn't hurt, right? What are some of your favorite arcade titles that you'd like to see on iOS?

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