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New AppList: Apps For Following The Olympics

New AppList: Apps For Following The Olympics

July 27, 2012
For more than 100 years, the Olympic Games have highlighted the pinnacle of human performance, but they have also brought people across the world together— much like the Internet. Despite this similarity, the Olympics have always had a somewhat difficult relationship with the Internet: online streaming of events was not permitted for many years, and even today social media use is restricted. The good news is that things have changed enough to allow the Olympics to be be streamed online. The decision to reverse previous policies on online availability shows the growing importance of the Internet in general and, more specifically, the iPad. It sounds crazy, but the first iPad wasn’t even on sale when the 2010 Winter Olympics were held, and now all of the events are watchable in iPad apps. Apple and Olympics enthusiasts should be pleased to see iOS devices receiving several official and unofficial apps to follow the games. Yes, that’s right, you can track your favorite athletes, sports, countries, and even watch live events with your iPhone and iPad. It’s important to note that some of these apps are region-specific, but they should have analogues in your country’s AppStore (e.g., the U.K. AppStore has a BBC Live app, and Canadians can use the CTV app). If you follow our list, you’re guaranteed not to miss a minute of your preferred events!

Apps For Following The Olympics

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