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Olympic-Size Battle Between Apple And Samsung Begins

Olympic-Size Battle Between Apple And Samsung Begins

July 30, 2012
The most important battle on the planet isn’t being waged in London at the Summer Olympic Games, but in a courtroom in San Jose, California. It is here where Apple and Samsung will begin battle in a landmark jury trial over patent disputes according to USA Today. Apple alleges that their largest supplier of component parts copied the iPhone and iPad when they released their own consumer products. Because of this, Cupertino is seeking $2.5 billion in damages. The legal case is just one of nearly 50 lawsuits being waged worldwide between the two technology giants. Depending on what the jury decides, the verdict could have a long-lasting effect on the overall mobile device market and to the relationship between Apple and Samsung. According to independent analyst Florian Mueller:
It's the most important trial between these players, so far. Apple is hoping for a breakthrough that would have important implications for other lawsuits.
Many of Apple’s complaints have to do with their patents for touch-screen gesturing technology. These include touch-based dragging of documents, pinch-to-zoom, and twist-to-rotate capabilities. Apple is also trying to protect their patent for tap-to-zoom functionality as well as their scrolling patent. The trial is scheduled to go before U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh, who in June awarded Apple a preliminary injunction that could force Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 from shelves pending the outcome of the trial. Many have called the battle between Apple and Samsung a “100 Years War” of intellectual property battles. The case in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California is Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd et al, 11-1846. For more on the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung, be sure to check out our previous coverage on the subject. Source: USA Today

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