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Collect All The Stars And Become One Of The Elite With Bounty Racer

Collect All The Stars And Become One Of The Elite With Bounty Racer

July 12, 2012
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Bounty Racer ($1.99) by The Quadsphere is a racing game with a casual feel to it. You don’t need years of experience playing racing games to get the hang of this one. You just need to be able to tilt and tap to become one of the elite. Earn coins to purchase better cars and new styles and compete against others in Game Center.

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Racing games can be hit or miss for me. Sometimes, they are just too complicated and I can’t even get through the beginner course. I prefer simpler driving games. Not that I don’t absolutely love Asphalt 7. Some racing games are just so good that you don’t mind the complexities. Bounty Racer has a little bit of both. The first two leagues are reasonably simple, but the last two are tough as nails to get through.

Players start off by racing for first place in the Rookie League. The first level of the first three courses is already unlocked and it doesn’t take much to unlock the rest. In single-player mode, players compete against six computer-generated opponents. The car moves forward automatically and your job is to turn from left to right, jumping sweet ramps and avoiding falling off of cliffs.

To steer, simply tilt your device to turn left or right. When you jump off of ramps and happen to be headed the wrong direction, you won’t be able to re-correct until your wheels hit the ground. You’re welcome for saving you from an embarrassing moment at the bus stop when you lean into a stranger trying to get your buggy to turn to the left in midair.

If you prefer manual acceleration instead of auto-go, you can change it in the menu settings. You can also turn off tilt steering and use button or stick steering if you prefer. I played this game for about 30 minutes on my iPad and I highly recommend switching to button or stick steering because your arms get pretty tired after a few laps around the course.

Each course has three different levels. The first is a traditional race against other players. The second level is a timed course where players must collect as many stars as possible within a specific amount of time. The third level is the elimination round. Basically, if you don’t win, you get eliminated. Of the six other drivers, the last one across the line for each lap gets eliminated until it is just you and one other driver. If you come in second place, you still earn coins and stars. But, who wants to come in second?

When you earn more coins, you can unlock new cars in each league. There are steam rollers, tanks, and even banana buggies. Players can also change their appearance from male to female and change hair style, facial features and complexions and even get a nice hat or new top. The avatar changes cost a pretty penny, but you can buy additional coins with in-app purchases.

Playing this casual racing game is definitely a fun way to pass the time. Players will feel like a pro in Rookie mode. Once you feel like you can command the course, head on over to the Pro, Master, or Elite league. You can buy coins with in-app purchases, but the only time you really need more coins than the game offers is to change your avatar. You can play single player or join up with others through Game Center. Bounty Racer is reasonably priced at only $1.99 and is a good fit for casual gamers.

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