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Test Your Tactical War Skills In Great Big War Game

Test Your Tactical War Skills In Great Big War Game

July 20, 2012
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Great Big War Game ($2.99) by Rubicon is the sequel to the turn-based strategy game Great Little War Game, which was a hit in the App Store thanks to its in-depth single player campaign and comical art style.

This follow up to the Great Little War Game brings more of the same great gameplay that you know and love from the original, with an even larger single player campaign plus the addition of both local and online multiplayer gameplay.

If you’ve played the original, Great Big War Game will be immediately familiar to you, as it features the same gameplay where two armies are pitted against one another across multiple campaigns.

Your goal? To slaughter the opposing team and complete objectives, from protecting your headquarters to taking out the other team’s general. There are 50 single player campaign levels to finish, which equates to a ton of gameplay.

Great Big War Game by Rubicon screenshot

This is a turn-based game, meaning you have plenty of time to manage your army, creating new units and coming up with a plan of attack. It’s a slow battle that pits your tactical moves and battle smarts against your opponent’s, so matches can last for quite awhile.

Even against the computer, which, by the way, has impressive AI, matches can take more than an hour to complete. Levels are designed really well, and small details on the battlefield, like hills and bodies of water, will influence gameplay.

The game has several types of units, from grunts and snipers to bazooka men and even air and water units, providing plenty of variety on the battlefield.

While the single player campaign is fun, Great Big War Game really shines with its new multiplayer gameplay. Playing against an opponent is asynchronous, meaning you must take a turn and then wait for your opponent to move. Technically, this could take days, so it’s best to play with friends. It’s a lot of fun to play a local game, passing the iPad back and forth.

Great Big War Game by Rubicon screenshot

If you get bored waiting for your opponent to take a turn, you can set up a multiplayer game with the AI, and there are over 70 different maps to explore this way.

While the game comes with quite a bit of content, you can also buy two additional map packs (with 20 maps) for $1.99 each, plus a War Chest with 15 additional maps for another $1.99. You can also spend $0.99 for the ability to customize your own flag and team color.

I had few complaints about the game, aside from a few crashes, which I expect will be resolved within a few updates. I also wasn’t impressed with the Fog of War, which covered too much, so hopefully that will be resolved as well.

This game plays beautifully and looks fantastic on my third generation iPad, and I can definitely recommend it to those of you who enjoy strategy games. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase, guaranteed.

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