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Add A Free Copy Of Juicy Math To Your Child's App Collection

Add A Free Copy Of Juicy Math To Your Child's App Collection

July 29, 2012
Juicy Math by PopAppFactory icon

Juicy Math ($0.99) by PopAppFactory turns your iDevice into flash cards for mathematics. While there are certainly plenty of apps available for testing math skills, this one uses fruits to act as manipulatives.

Instead of just looking at numbers, providing the fruits are eye pleasers that also serve as objects to count.

Juicy Math by PopAppFactory screenshot

Three modes are available: addition, subtraction, and both. Each round will feature three questions, with three blocks for each (although playing on the iPhone will only give you one question). The first two blocks will have pictures of a certain number of fruits, with an addition or subtraction sign in the middle. After the equals sign is a blank box for adding the correct answer.

To the right of these blocks are a stack of number tiles, though they’re not just the answers: they’re all of the numbers involved in the problems.

Simply drag and drop the numbers where they belong to complete the equation. What’s neat is that you can place the number tile as either the answer, or one of the numbers being added or subtracted.

Statistics are offered from the main menu. You can track how much time has been spent in the app for each of the modes, as well as the number of games played.

The overall look and feel of this app is pleasing, and certainly provide the little bit of sugar to make the medicine go down. Unlike the Math app, you’ll only find addition and subtraction problems, so this one is definitely targeted toward beginner mathematicians.

At $0.99, this is a decent way to spend a buck to help your child practice math. Although an even better solution would be getting it for free. That’s why we have our ...

GIVEAWAY: We have six codes for Juicy Math to giveaway to readers! Simply leave a comment on this post by Monday July 30, at 4 p.m. EDT. We'll pick the winners randomly. Good luck!

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