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Reel In A Copy Of KooFish: Break 'Em Out


KooFish:Break'em Out ($2.99) by KooGame uses slingshot physics, though you won’t see a single bird or pig in the game. In fact, the only animals you’ll see are fish because the game takes place under the sea.

It appears your fishy buddies have been captured in cubes. The best way to free them? Attach a sling between two fish and fire conch shells at them, of course.


The two fish will remain stationary, though you can aim the shell in any direction and adjust how hard you launch them. A strength indicator appears in the form of a fish skeleton.

The trick (as you may have guessed) is to use as little shells as possible to free your fishy friends. There are multiple ways to do this, including using one cube to smash into another, collapsing the foundational supports holding them up, or bouncing shells off each other like billiard balls.

You are limited to the number of shells you have by the heart meter above the launching fish. Each fired shell equals half of a heart. This is why you’ll want to use your shells sparingly as you free the fish.

Some of the fish don’t want to be saved, though. Any caged fish will snap at the hands that freed them, resulting in losing hearts.

At the end of each level you’re trying to achieve a three-star rating. What I really like about this game is that it shows a progress bar with a notch at each point where a star is earned. This is unlike Angry Birds, where you kind of guess how well you’ll do after the last pig has died.

This is definitely a fun game that uses familiar gameplay elements of Angry Birds, but doesn’t step on its toes.


The graphics are crisp and clean, which is evident from the photo realistic cutscene at the beginning of the game.

I highly recommend this game for those who are looking for something newer than Angry Birds, and don’t feel like seeing how amazing Alex can be.

At $2.99, I think the price is quite steep, but lucky for you, there’s a chance to win it!

GIVEAWAY: We have one code for KooFish: Break ‘em Out to giveaway to a reader! Simply leave a comment on this post about what your favorite fish is by Monday July 16, at 4 p.m. EDT. We'll pick the winner randomly. Good luck!

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Reel In A Copy Of KooFish: Break 'Em Out