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Fit Web Design In Your Pocket With Webr

Fit Web Design In Your Pocket With Webr

July 3, 2012
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Webr (Free) by Lazy Appz puts web design at your fingertips. Back in the 90s if you could design a website, you were practically a god among men.

However, with the advent of Web 2.0, creating a website became much easier. This app actually makes web design even easier than that.

Webr by Lazy Appz screenshot

Select the plus button to get started with creating your first site. After naming it, you can add images, text, or a blog page.

Once you’ve added the content you would like, it’s time to select what the overall site will look like. The theme button takes you to the gallery of the 10 different setups you can select.

In the advanced settings you can select which of the pages you’d like to be your homepage, add images with captions, add meta data, as well as provide a direct link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Any changes you make will not be released until you edit the site’s settings within the app. A green “done” button will upload all of the changes instantly, and you’re good to go.

You can even change the site’s name and the URL will change as well.

What’s great is that you can make as many sites as you’d like. Make one for a portfolio, a resume, a site for your friends. You could even make one just for a single special event, never intending to use the site again.

Webr by Lazy Appz screenshot

Any site you make will have the “” domain name as a suffix, which might not be good for commercial use. The webr icon will also be nested in the bottom left corner.

The uploaded site looks much better on the iPhone rather than the full version (though I guess that could depend on how much work you put into designing the site).

For needing to create a website in a flash (not using Flash), this app fits the bill. You would think creating a website would lend better to the iPad: apps like Koder and Textastic can create sites.

However, those apps are all about coding. The beauty about webr is that it’s all done in an interface that fits perfectly on the iPhone’s real estate. For free, it’s certainly worth a shot to look into it.

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