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Survey Says iPhone Enjoys 95.7 Percent User Retention Rate

Survey Says iPhone Enjoys 95.7 Percent User Retention Rate

July 17, 2012
Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster has just completed his yearly smartphone survey, and in today's letter to investors, the analyst presents a somewhat dire future for Apple's competitors. By the numbers, 65 percent of polled respondents said they would choose iPhone as their next handset, while only 19 percent indicated they'd go with an Android device. RIM, however, was the hardest hit, as only 2.5 percent of users plan to stay with or adopt the struggling BlackBerry platform. Addressing users planning on switching platforms, says Munster,
Android is still losing 33% of current users to the iPhone. We also note that 38% of Blackberry users expect to switch to iPhone.
The iPhone, on the other hand, enjoys a retention rate of a staggering 95.7 percent, leading Munster to declare that, come the iPhone 5, a minimum of 80 million unit sales are more or less guaranteed. That sounds about right. Well, about half right, anyway. Source: Fortune Via: iDownloadBlog

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