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Zeewe TV Offering HTML5-Based Entertainment For Latino Market

Zeewe TV Offering HTML5-Based Entertainment For Latino Market

July 11, 2012
Movile, the largest mobile content provider in Latin America, announced it has reached 1 million users. Additionally, the company is now making a stronger push to gain new customers in the Latino market in the U.S. Through its social video platform Zeewe TV, Movile offers free and premium video content that is HTML5-based. It is similar to Netflix and Hulu, except that it is geared towards the Latino customer. Thanks to partnerships with mobile carriers, Zeewe TV users don’t pay for Internet data to watch video hosted on Zeewe TV servers. This means that a higher percentage of users are willing to upgrade and pay a fee for full access to Zeewe TV’s premium content, which comes from partners like MTV, Euro 2012, VH1, and Mixmag.


According to Eduardo Henrique, Movile’s co-founder and head of the company’s U.S. operations.
Zeewe’s growth is a result of great content paired with the decision to focus on HTML5, which allows us to deploy the service across all platforms. HTML5 fueled our distribution on mobile even when Facebook changed its policy and cut back on consumer video sharing.
Zeewe TV is available through Facebook.

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