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An iPhone Art Exhibit To Open In Los Angeles

There is a lot to love about the iPhone. Still, should it be considered a piece of art? Or rather, are items created by Apple’s handset art? Indeed they are, as a visit to the Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival will soon prove, according to ComputerWorld. Beginning Saturday, Aug. 18, the world’s largest exhibition of art made on iOS devices will debut in the City of Angels. For eight days, visitors will be able to see mobile art created by 225 artists from 30 countries. The Festival, known as LA-MAF, will also include interactive digital sculptures, films, and performance installations. It is being organized by the folks behind iPhoneArt, and sponsored by Autodesk, ArtRage, Diptic, Lantronix and Coda Automotive. Among the exhibits featured in Los Angeles are Finger-painting in Motion — iPad Art Car, The Bird Photo Booth, and The Aqua Ballerina. [caption id="attachment_330575" align="aligncenter" width="641"]Finger-painting in Motion - iPad Art Car Finger-painting in Motion - iPad Art Car[/caption] What does iPhone art look like? Consider these three links:
The LA-MAF runs through Aug. 25 at The Santa Monica Arts Studio. For more information, be sure to download the official program for this interesting new event. Source: ComputerWorld