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Did We Mention Just How Much Thinner The Next iPhone Could Be?

Did We Mention Just How Much Thinner The Next iPhone Could Be?

August 8, 2012
The sixth-generation iPhone, which could arrive as early as Sept. 12, is expected to include a display 30 percent larger than the iPhone 4S/4. In addition, it could be one fifth thinner than the current model, according to Taiwanese Apple rumor site, According to the report, the new iPhone will be 18 percent thinner than the 9.3mm thick iPhone 4S. If true,  Apple’s next handset would be the thinnest iPhone to date. 


As AppleInsider suggests, Apple would be able to achieve this reduction via a series of modifications, including:
  • An elongation of the design by 8.63mm (~7.5%) to accommodate a 4-inch screen;
  • Relocation of the headphone jack to the base of the unit;
  • Inclusion of a new nano-SIM tray comprising 40 percent less space than the current Micro-SIM tray in the iPhone 4S;
  • A more compact MagSafe-style Dock connector with 8 or 9 pins as opposed to the 30-pin Dock connector shipping on current devices; and
  • A general reduction in the size of several internal components due to broader industry advancements.
Our long list of iPhone rumors is available here. Additionally, you may like to check out the latest news on the so-called iPad mini, which could also wow audiences next month. Source: Via: AppleInsider Photo: SharpDaily  

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