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Forest Moon Games Launched, Offering Indy Titles For iOS And Mac

Forest Moon Games Launched, Offering Indy Titles For iOS And Mac

August 31, 2012
Crescent Moon Games has announced a new sister publishing label, Forest Moon Games. According to Josh Presseisen, founder and creative director
 of Crescent Moon Games, the new label will focus on providing independent, 2-D, casual, pixel art, and experimental titles for iOS and Mac. In total, six new games will arrive in the coming months from Forest Moon Games. These include:

A Wonderland Story – Alchemy Games

A colorful platform moving game, A Wonderful Story features a white rabbit that you must help escape from Alice. Features include:
  • Travel to Wonderland through different and beautiful hand painted levels.
  • Innovative game where you control the ‘world’ and not the character himself.
  • Enjoy Story mode and try to go further than anyone in Endless mode.
  • Get your name on the top the the global ranking over Game Center.
  • Can you complete the full achievement list?
  • Use different power-ups at the right time to get out of difficult situations.
  • Endless mode is generated randomly – so each game will be different for unlimited playtime!
  • Developed by Alchemy Games!

300 Dwarves -  Nimbi Studios

This upcoming game offers a tale of an epic dwarven mercenary band, who are for hire to anyone willing to pay in gold, or treasure. The game features 10 unique towers, each with several upgrades. It includes 12 levels, hand drawn graphics, animations, and more.

Invader Eliminator – Underground Pixel

Featuring retro pixel art, Invader Eliminator gives you control of a genetically engineered mutant created on a secret U.S. government space station location on the moon. When the threat of an alien invasion arises, you must use your heightened abilities of strength, speed, and agility to fight off the masses.

Hairy Tales – Arges Systems 

Hairy Tales is a puzzle action game about the adventures of a group of not too bright folk spirits, and your quest to help them puzzle out evil conundrums in their mission to save their tile-based world from sickening corruption. It’s up to you to organize the stages in the best way possible for them to reach their goal while avoiding enemies, dealing with the corruption, and eventually defeating powerful bosses.

Relic Rush - Jason Pickering

Relic Rush is described as a fast-paced puzzle game with great pixel graphics. Your job is to stop your character from hitting hazards, and making sure to avoid enemies.
 As you rush through ancient temples, you must master your timing so you can grab the treasure at the end, then move on to the next level.

J.A.M. – Neptune Interactive

A shoot-em-up game with style. The Aliens have invaded. Take to the skies and defend the colonies with the most advanced jets at your fingertips. Battle against waves of enemies and their giant bosses. Upgrade your favorite weapon, or equip a different one for the next mission. Add on special modules to beef up your jet. Get the highest score multiplier and beat others around the world. Each game will be released during the final months of this year, or in early 2013. In the meantime, Crescent Moon Games has announced a Labor Day sale on their existing games. For more information, be sure to visit the App Store.   We will let you know when the first titles from Forest Moon Games are released for iOS and Mac. In the meantime, be sure to visit the official website.

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