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Get Buzzing With Your Own Copy Of The Freshly Updated Buzz Contacts 2.0

Get Buzzing With Your Own Copy Of The Freshly Updated Buzz Contacts 2.0

August 29, 2012

Back in February, Savvy Apps released Buzz Contacts, which I originally reviewed. This was an app that aimed to make it even easier to access your frequently contacted people.

Even though I had used Dialvetica Contacts in the past, I preferred Buzz because of the cleaner interface and the ability to sort my contacts into manual groups that I could easily understand at a glance. It also allows users to set up quick actions for various contact methods for a specific person, and having a screen feature four large squares makes it easier to find who you’re looking for, rather than squinting down at a list. There were even Group Action features that allowed to you send an email or message to everyone that you placed in a group. This is fantastic for quickly sending important emails.

Overall, I found it to be very effective, and a more intuitive way to perform one your iPhone’s most important functions โ€” finding contacts. And now, the app just got even better with a big 2.0 update.

Version 2.0 brings some cosmetic changes that are definitely most welcome. There’s a new app icon that looks much better than the original (I prefer matte finishes), and the app even has various color themes to help personalize your Buzz.

Handy new features are also included in this update that make the app even more useful. When viewing a contact’s detail view, you can schedule an appointment with the person in either Agenda or Due. You can also send them an email or message from here as well, which is nice if you set their quick action to be something else. The Dialer can be quickly accessed now by swiping up and down to navigate between it and your custom groups, and now there are even Frequent and Outgoing groups added to the mix.

In addition to these great new features, Buzz has refined some other aspects of the app. Now you can see specific phone types in groups, access the slide-out menu via a swiping gesture, the dialer focuses on letters, add a contact to a specific group from the dialer, and more. Some fixes have also gotten into this update.

The full change log of Buzz Contacts 2.0:

What’s new

Buzz v2.0 is a major release and almost feels like a brand new app. It’s shinier (themes and new icon!), faster (swipe into Dialer!), and more useful (integrates w/Agenda!). Best of all…it’s a free update. Now is the time to give Buzz a second look…enjoy! :)


+ Icon has more polish to reflect the major update

+ Themes support; swipe right or left on the title bar

+ Themes can also be updated in the settings

+ Schedule in Agenda or Due via the contact detail view

+ Send contact info via message or email via the contact detail view

+ Swipe into and out of Dialer

+ Added “Frequent” and “Outgoing” groups


+ Always show specific phone type in groups

+ Open slide-out via gesture

+ Dialer keypad now focuses on letters

+ Reworked slide-out menu to better highlight active view

+ Add contact to a group from the Dialer

+ Detail disclosure button on all list views


+ No longer truncate numbers in the Dialer

+ Improved localizations

I have been enjoying this hefty update myself, and have also placed Buzz back on my home screen for quick access. It’s an app that really does make things easier for myself, and I’m glad to see it continuously improve over time.

This update is free for existing customers, but the developer has also put the app on sale to celebrate the launch of 2.0. New customers can currently grab it for $0.99 in the App Store for a limited time.

GIVEAWAY: We’ve teamed up with App Savvy and have four extra copies of Buzz 2.0 to give away to some faithful AppAdvice readers! For your chance of winning a copy, just leave a comment on this post (with a valid email so that I may contact the winners) by Friday, Aug. 31 at 10 p.m. PDT. I’ll be choosing the winners randomly. Good luck!

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