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Handmade Highlights: Classic Leather Sleeves For Guys And Gals

Handmade Highlights: Classic Leather Sleeves For Guys And Gals

August 8, 2012
Last week in Handmade Highlights, I featured awesome animal cases made from felt. While these cases were meticulously crafted and downright amazing, some of you expressed interest in something a little more masculine, and I aim to please. Today I’ve unearthed some absolutely gorgeous handmade leather iPhone sleeves from Etsy seller Inblue, which come printed with a wide range of designs, suitable for both guys and girls. There are apes, bicycles, human hearts, and birds.

These cases, which fit both the iPhone and the iPod touch, will keep your iDevice safe in pockets and purses. If you like the look of a naked iPhone but still want some protection while you cart it around, sleeves are the perfect solution.

The leather look is sleek, attractive, and classic. You can get a case in several different colors, each with soft, distressed leather. Each handmade sleeve is ultra affordable, priced at $14 to $18, and they can also be customized with names, initials, quotes, and pockets.

There are even a few options for the iPad, albeit at a slightly higher price. You can get a sleeve for your iPad for $45 to $50. There aren’t too many iPad designs, but I’m guessing the seller can whip up something special if you ask nicely.

What do you think? Are these sleeves your style? Personally, I love the classic leather look mixed with modern printings. As always, if you know of a great handmade iPhone or iPad case that you would like to see featured in the future, make sure to get in touch!

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