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Unassuming Adventure Found In Box 2 Box

Box 2 Box by Esoteric Development icon

Box 2 Box ($0.99) by Esoteric Development has you guiding a Companion-Cube-looking-box from one end of the level to the other.

Just like Infinity Field, the ship is just a geometric shape. The rest of the game is boiled down to basics as well, with single colored backgrounds and simple structures.

Box 2 Box by Esoteric Development screenshot

Your ship starts in one box, and just like the game’s name implies, you have to navigate it to the other box located somewhere in the level.

The controls consist of two parts: tapping the screen to provide thrust, and tilting to change direction. What I really like about the game is that the cube has no health meter. That means that you can slam into walls or drop from the highest point in the level and still keep on trucking.

Your fuel level is the main culprit you’ll want to monitor. Just like Jelly Lander, each use of the thrusters will deplete your fuel.

In addition to the limited fuel are obstacles that will help waste it even further. Some of the levels are maze-like in their appearance, which means that you may waste gas looking in the wrong direction.

This can be solved by replaying the level, but a more lasting threat are directional arrows and springy squares.

The arrows often work in conjunction with the squares by guiding you into them and then bouncing you back the way you came. You can fight against the arrows, but of course it costs extra fuel to do so. The best strategy is to just try avoiding them all together.

This is a really fun game that is basic yet engaging at the same time. I had to put my iPhone down just so that I could write this review.

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Unassuming Adventure Found In Box 2 Box

Unassuming Adventure Found In Box 2 Box