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Discover The Mystery Behind The World’s Most Famous Sasquatch In Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD

Discover The Mystery Behind The World’s Most Famous Sasquatch In Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD

August 16, 2012
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD by G5 Entertainment icon

Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Free) by G5 Entertainment is the newest hidden object game from publisher G5 and developer JoyBits. In this game, you will play as Linda, a woman who has decided to once and for all discover the truth behind the legendary Bigfoot.

Linda begins her quest in her own backyard, where she witnessed something unsual. From there, she journeys through the Brownswood National Park and the Axeswim Chemical Plant searching for clues.

Since this is a hidden object game, you will spend the majority of your play time searching through hidden object scenes for a list of items. Items that you need to find are listed on the right side of the screen, and you will need to search through each scene to find what you need.

Some of the objects are given by name, while others are shown by shape, which presents a unique challenge.

Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD by G5 Entertainment screenshot

When you find an object, you simply tap on it in order to remove it from the scene and from your list. Object scenes in this game are fairly difficult, and may stump even the most advanced hidden object hunters.

If you get stuck, there is a hint button. Once you use it there’s a time penalty before you can use it again, but there is no hard limit on the number of hints that you can use.

As in most hidden object puzzle games, you can gather some items and store them in your inventory for later use. To use these objects in the environment around you to solve puzzles, you drag them into the scene. If an object fits, an action will occur, and if it does not, the object will return to your inventory.

Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD by G5 Entertainment screenshot

The game prompts you to search in containers and it will also give you hints on where to drag items, though you can turn off these hints in the main options menu for more of a challenge.

You will often have quest objectives to fulfill, such as “start a fire,” which will require you to find the proper items and then use them together to complete the objective. There are also some mini games included, which are a bit on the harder side.

Bigfoot: Hidden Giant does not have the best graphics, but they are passable. The cut scenes are poorly done, but the hidden object puzzles are slightly better. It didn’t look great on my third generation iPad, but I suspect it will look better on earlier iPads and the iPhone.

Unless you’re a Bigfoot fanatic, you may find this story lacking in excitement compared to other hidden object games by G5. I know I did, but the gameplay was still fun even if the story wasn’t engaging.

I thought that this was one of the more difficult hidden object games that I’ve played in recent months, so if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll want to pick this one up. It’s not the best hidden object game I’ve ever played, but if you’re in need a hidden object fix, it will serve.

You can unlock the full version of the iPad game in the app for $4.99, while the iPhone version will run you $2.99. This is introductory pricing though, so make sure to snap it up while it's on sale if you're interested.

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