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How Much Wood Can You Chuck? Find Out In Jack Lumber

How Much Wood Can You Chuck? Find Out In Jack Lumber

August 18, 2012
Jack Lumber by SEGA icon

Jack Lumber ($0.99) by SEGA is a game that resembles Fruit Ninja, but instead of slicing fruit with a sword, you chop up logs with an axe. The game is a bit slower than Fruit Ninja, because when after logs are tossed in the air, you can tap to slow time.

During the slow time period, you need to chop the logs in the right way. You can't chop logs willy nilly down the middle - no, Jack wants those suckers chopped properly.

This means you will need to chop them from bottom to top, and often, you will have oddly shaped logs that take some thinking to get through. You need to think fast, though, because you have a short amount of time to figure out how to get all the logs chopped in one blow.

Jack Lumber by SEGA screenshot

When the time runs out, or when you've drawn a path through all of the logs with your finger, an axe will be thrown to chop all of the wood into pieces, which is tallied up at the end of the level.

Some logs have arrows, and thus can be chopped only in one direction, while some are yellow and must be chopped multiple times. For a game that's based on chopping wood, Jack Lumber is surprisingly addictive.

Levels are fairly short, and while it is easy to complete them, getting a perfect three star score can be a challenge. Not only do you need to slice wood perfectly to earn it, but you must do so in a timely manner.

Each level ends with an animal, and you must be careful to avoid the animals while chopping because these are Jack's friends. He takes each one back to his cabin to hang out, and this cabin is where you will return between levels.

Jack Lumber by SEGA screenshot

In the cabin, Jack receives notes, like from his dead granny, who gives him a list of chores to complete. These are your general objectives in the game, and will include tasks like getting three straight shots in a row.

Jack can also access Granny's Cabinet in the cabin, which is filled with things for him to purchase with his logs. He can buy maple syrup, a powerup used in the game to make things easier, and beards, which make the game harder but also give score bonuses.

The first beard you can buy, the father time beard, will cut the time you have to cut logs in half, but it will double your score. There's also an amusing storyline going on, involving getting revenge on a tree, so you're sure to be sucked in to the gameplay.

Jack Lumber has quite a few levels, plus leaderboards and achievements. Getting high scores on every level will keep you busy for a long time, and this game is fun enough that replaying levels is never a chore.

If you're a fan of Fruit Ninja, you will love Jack Lumber. And at $0.99, it's priced right. Snap this game up and have some good ol' log chopping fun this weekend.

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