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Take Care Of Exotic Animals And Manage Your Own Zoo In Jane's Zoo HD

Take Care Of Exotic Animals And Manage Your Own Zoo In Jane's Zoo HD

August 30, 2012
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Jane`s Zoo HD (Free) by G5 Entertainment is a time management game that animal enthusiasts will want to download. In this game, you will help Jane to care for 11 different wild animals across zoos on three different continents, traveling to Asia, Africa, and Europe to save the animals.

This game is divided into levels, which start off easily enough, but gradually get harder as the game progresses and new elements are introduced.

You will begin by caring for a monkey and an elephant. You need to feed each animal when it requests food, by tapping on the food in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and then tapping on the creature. You will also need to clean the cages in the same way.

Jane`s Zoo HD by G5 Entertainment screenshot

When an animal wants to go to sleep, it will indicate that it is tired with a little house icon above its head, and you need to drag it into its house.

Each level you need to earn a certain level of animal happiness to progress, and this is done by performing all of your tasks quickly.

After a few levels, you will be given a baby skunk and a baby lion. These animals are more demanding, requiring bottle feedings and diaper changes.

Wash stations, medical stations, and gyms are also introduced. When an animal indicates that it wants to visit one of these places, you will drag it to the station.

These are essentially mini games that you must complete. In the wash station, you will need to tap all the dirty spots. At the medical station, you will need to tap to stop the thermometer at the right level to heal the animal, and at the gym, you will need to find the equipment that makes the animal happiest.

Jane`s Zoo HD by G5 Entertainment screenshot

After each level, you can use coins to purchase new elements for your zoo, improving aspects like the mood of the animal or the speed of the workers.

There are bonus levels where you pick up trash, cleaning the environment to earn character power ups. You will also find special power ups, like happiness tokens, in the regular levels, which you can pick up with a tap.

Jane's Zoo is a passable time management game, but it is not quite as entertaining or challenging as some of the other Jane games that I have played. It is slow, and honestly, not that interesting.

I was not impressed with the graphics, which do not look good on the third generation iPad. G5 has released much better time management games in the past, so I'd look to another game before purchasing this one.

The full unlock of the HD version of this game is currently available for $2.99, which is the sale price.

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