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You’re The Last Driver, How Will You Stay Alive?

You’re The Last Driver, How Will You Stay Alive?

August 30, 2012
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The Last Driver (Free) by Chillingo Ltd is a survival driving game where you earn points for killing undead pedestrians. Build the toughest car you can because you don’t have many chances to get by in this zombie apocalypse.

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Players start off in a car that is equipped with armor, a gun, and some spikey fenders. The goal is to get as far as possible while killing as many zombies as you can. Pick up power ups and additional ammo along the way to help you make it through the debris.

The car drives automatically. Your job is to steer, jump, shoot, and avoid obstacles that will destroy the car. To veer left or right, tap the screen on the side that you want to turn. To jump the car or shoot the weapon, tap their respective buttons above the movement controls.

As soon as the car starts, zombies, broken cars, t-rexes, rivers of lava, and more will constantly get in the way of your ability to get out of the city. Use your driving skills to slalom through burning vehicles, barrels of toxic waste, and broken asphalt. The only thing you shouldn’t avoid is the walking dead.

That is, unless one of your goals is to drive 400 km without killing a zombie. To progress in the game, complete the missions that appear at the beginning of each run. Sometimes, players must avoid zombies. Other times, players must kill a certain number of them. Every time you complete all missions on the list you level up and earn a bunch of coins.

Coins are used in the shop to upgrade your car. You can buy better armor to last longer against destruction, better tires to improve handling of the steering, or additional ammo and jumps. There are also different cars and weapons to unlock, but those cost a lot of money.

I was a little disappointed in this game at first. The graphics are pretty weak. Frankly, I expected more from Chillingo. The cost to upgrade anything is also way expensive, making it difficult to play the game without having to buy more coins through in-app purchases. That is no surprise. Game developers need to make money somewhere. I just found the game to be very limiting.

That was at first. After I played the game for about 15 minutes, I was hooked. The better you get at driving, the better the game gets. The controls are awkwardly low on the screen, making steering difficult. However, once you get the hang of things and can get far enough on the course, the game becomes a lot more interesting. There are tornadoes, giant boulders, and all manner of obstacles once you get out of the city.

Even though the graphics are mediocre, the controls are awkward, and upgrades are expensive, this app is actually a lot of fun. The download is free. If you have a lot of patience, you’ll be able to upgrade most of the car’s features without having to spend real money on in-app purchases. If you like driving games and zombies, you’ll enjoy this game.

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