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Toss Out As Many Guesses As Possible For The Ultimate Wordsplosion

Toss Out As Many Guesses As Possible For The Ultimate Wordsplosion

August 21, 2012
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Wordsplosion (Free) by Concrete Software, Inc. is a fun new word game that will challenge your brain and expand your vocabulary. Beat the clock to spell words as fast as possible. Solve each puzzle for a wordy explosion.

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Players are given the first letter of a five-letter word. Try to figure out what the word is by adding letters to the designated word bubble. When you think you have the word, tap the arrow to see if you are correct. If the guess is wrong, players don’t lose any points. The score is based on how long it takes to guess the word.

If you guess wrong, but some of the letters are correct, those letters will be saved in a special spot to let you know they belong somewhere in the word. If a letter in the incorrect guess is also in the correct spot, it will remain in its correct place in the word bubble. For example, if the correct word is “There,” but you guess “Think,” the “T” and the “H” will remain in their respective spots in the word bubble. Then, you’ll know that the word will have those two letters in it.

If you guess correctly, you will get a new word and the puzzle will start again. Players earn extra points for multiple correct guesses in a row. Each word puzzle has five chances. If you guess wrong, you lose one chance. If you run out of time, you lose another. If you guess incorrectly five times, the round ends. Each game has three chances to miss a word. If you guess incorrectly for three rounds in the game, you lose.

It is amazing how many five-letter words you can think of really fast. It is as if our brains are optimally programed to think of five-letter words. You will easily be able to come up with six or seven different words that may be correct. Guess everything and letters that are correct will remain, making it even easier for you to uncover the missing ones.

This game is heavily weighted in Game Center achievements. You don’t compete against anyone and there is no computer opponent. Your accomplishments are the only thing you have to worry about.

As word games go, this one is plenty of fun. It is challenging, but not the least bit difficult. You’ll feel pretty smart when you make it through 24 rounds without missing any words. The game is free, but ad supported. If you are distracted by the ads, you can remove them for $2.99. However, they are not intrusive or annoying and don’t detract from the game’s experience. If you enjoy casual word games, add this to your repertoire.

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