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Rewember 'The Good Old Days' With New iOS App

Rewember 'The Good Old Days' With New iOS App

August 15, 2012
Though the world is still not quite like something out of “The Jetsons,” mobile computing has definitely changed how many of us work, and spend our leisure time. Still, we continue to have a soft spot for "the good old days,” which are often remembered through rose-colored glasses. Now an interesting new app has arrived that makes remembering past events a whole lot easier. Rewember (free) collects information from your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad, such as photos, Facebook messages, news stories of the day, and more. From there, the app uses this information to create a digital newspaper – one page for each day. The result is a promising start to an interesting new app.

Unfortunately, much of what makes Rewember special seems either confusing or inoperable, at least in its current form. For example, newspaper pages seem to be driven exclusively by photographs. In other words, if you haven’t taken a photo on a specific date, you won’t see a page developed for that day. Secondly, I have yet to see Rewember list any of my favorite songs or albums in my newspaper, despite being told that it would do so. Instead, I see the message, “content for this date is missing.” Also, though the app is universal, this doesn't mean there is a link between the iPhone and iPad. It would be nice, through iCloud, perhaps, for this capability to be included in a future app update. Finally, if you’re not a Facebook user, you’re pretty much out of luck. Even if you don’t sync your social network account to Rewember, it will still leave a place for it on each news page. Plus, on days when there is no Facebook activity you’ll see, what should now be a familiar message, that “content for this date is missing.” Despite significant version 1.0 issues, Rewember offers a concept I have yet to see to this degree in the App Store. Hopefully, future app updates will address some of my concerns. If they do, the free app could prove quite popular. Rewember is available now in the App Store.

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