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Never Trust An SMS At First Sight

Never Trust An SMS At First Sight

August 17, 2012
An iOS security flaw has been uncovered that could allow hackers to take over your Messages app and cause havoc. The flaw, which has apparently been around since the implementation of SMS on the iPhone, remains in iOS 6 beta 4, according to the Pod2g iOS Blog. According to the report, this security hole is present in all versions of iOS including the latest iOS 6 beta, and has to do with the option that enables a user to change the reply address of the text in Messages. The bug essentially allows hackers to spoof the reply-to number in a text message. This flaw could cause:
  • pirates could send a message that seems to come from the bank of the receiver asking for some private information, or inviting them to go to a dedicated website (phishing).
  • one could send a spoofed message to your device and use it as false evidence.
  • anything you can imagine that could be utilized to manipulate people, letting them trust somebody or some organization texted them.
Since Apple has yet to resolve this issue, the author suggests that iOS users be careful when they receive SMS messages from someone they don’t know. In other words, “never trust any SMS you received on your iPhone at first sight.” As we hear more about this issue, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep alert. Hopefully, Apple is on top of this. Source: Pod2g iOS Blog

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