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Sound The Alarm: Steve Jobs’ Family Home Was Burglarized

Sound The Alarm: Steve Jobs’ Family Home Was Burglarized

August 14, 2012
A new report is in from the San Jose Mercury News stating that Steve Jobs’ family home in Palo Alto, Calif. was burglarized. The crime actually took place last month and the bandit got away with over $60,000 in stolen property. A suspect has since been arrested and charged in the case after stealing an Apple Store worth of "computers and personal items.” The San Jose Mercury News reports:
More than $60,000 worth of "computers and personal items" were allegedly stolen, but Flattery declined to say whether they belonged to Jobs, who died last year at the age of 56, or another family member. [...] Details about the burglary at Jobs' residence were scarce Monday. The crime was listed in the weekend report log released to the media, but police referred all questions about it to the district attorney's office. Lt. Zach Perron said that was because charges had been filed.
Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Tom Flattery says that the crime appears to be a random one. The suspect had no idea he was burglarizing the late Steve Jobs’ home. There’s no word on if Jobs' family was living in the home at the time of the crime. This particular house has been undergoing renovation for quite some time now which may have led the thief to believe it was an easy target. I’m not sure what this guy was thinking, but he definitely messed with the wrong house. I can only assume there’s no jailbreak ready for this guy. Source: The San Jose Mercury News Via: MacRumors

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