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The New York Times iPad App Is Mostly Free Through Olympic Games

The New York Times iPad App Is Mostly Free Through Olympic Games

August 1, 2012
For the second time, Ralph Lauren has purchased a solo sponsorship of The New York Times iPad app. Through Aug. 12, non-subscribers will have free access to six sections of the news app. Built around the theme, The Sports of Summer, and specifically, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Ralph Lauren’s buy unlocks the following:
  • 6 unlocked sections including: Sports, Fashion, Home & Garden, Travel, T Magazine and Olympics
  • Ads are heavily tied to the Olympics. Within the magalogue, a pop-up splash page will announce new medal winners.
  • Ads will be featured on every section front and on every other article page within the app. Every session will feature an interstitial.
  • Ads will open up a magalogue with six sections including: U.S. Olympics, U.S. Open Golf, Wimbledon, The Open Championship, Black Watch Polo and U.S. Open Tennis.
  • The sections will feature articles, videos, a “Meet the Athletes” section and e-commerce.
Ad content includes:
  • Sports of Summer
  • Meet the Athletes and Pros – Biographies
  • Create Your Own – custom apparel.
In September, Ralph Lauren did a similar, yet smaller, purchase in The New York Times iPad app.  

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