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VIA Brings Audio To Your Fitness Routine, If You Can Find It

VIA Brings Audio To Your Fitness Routine, If You Can Find It

August 31, 2012
There are hundreds of fitness apps already available for iOS devices. But there is only one VIA, the first map-based running app that gives users step-by-step audio instructions. The iPhone app was an App Star Awards finalist for 2012, but only recently arrived in the App Store. Available for $2.99, VIA is the first app created by U.K.-based Firebird Creative. Using it, runners can enjoy their workout without the fear of getting lost, whether it is in a new city or somewhere unfamiliar in their own hometown. VIA helps runners go from one point to another by entering start and finish points. This is achieved by entering pins on a map, or by typing in a specific zip code. Additional pins can be added midway through a journey, if one decides to visit a new destination en route, or to increase the distance of the run. Along the way, VIA’s assistant (who has a relaxing British accent) will keep runners alerted to where they are, and where they are going, with no need to actually stop to check the app. Not a runner? VIA can also be used by cyclists, and walkers. Full features include:
  • Real-time Audio Directions
  • Vary your distance
  • iPod Music Compatibility (play your music while you run and receive directions)
  • Live Route Map
  • Distance
  • Time taken
  • Calories
  • Average Speed
  • Share Your Stats On Twitter/Facebook
  • Metric option (Miles/Kilometers)
VIA, because of its uniqueness, could have a promising future. Still, its success could be hampered by its name. Try doing a search for “VIA” in the App Store, and you’ll be surprised just how hard it is to find. During my search, VIA was the 62nd app listed - and most of those before it didn't even include "VIA" in their names. Whether this is some sort of error due to Apple’s algorithm, or because the app is new, is unknown. Luckily, you don’t have to go search for the app. You can download VIA right here through this link.

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