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What Do Hotdogs, Lightsabers And Presidential Elections Have In Common?

What Do Hotdogs, Lightsabers And Presidential Elections Have In Common?

August 22, 2012
A new game has hit the App Store and it is sure to be at the center of a political debate. Epic Games Inc.’s Chair Entertainment, responsible for the last two games in the Infinity Blade series, has released Vote!!! This new universal iOS game puts U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in a political death match with the same gesture based fighting style as Infinity Blade. According to Bloomberg, Chair Entertainment’s Technical Director Geremy Mustard said the game also has some ulterior motives:
Chair Entertainment, maker of the popular "Infinity Blade" sword-fighting game, goes a step beyond political satire by working with Washington-based Rock the Vote for the first in-game attempt to register thousands of young people to cast a ballot this November. "Gamers are a pretty hard audience to reach, and the game is a really fun way to keep people engaged in the political process these next critical two months," Mustard said in an interview.
I’ve already downloaded the game and loved every second I've played it. There’s nothing better than two presidential candidates fighting each other with lightsabers and “Vote For Me” signs. Throughout the game you earn coins to purchase upgraded costumes, weapons, and flair. You can also purchase extra coins with real money if necessary. Touch Arcade put together a video demonstrating the gameplay: Vote!!! is a universal game available for free in the App Store. Source: MacRumors

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