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Amazon Says No To Google, Selects Nokia For Mobile Maps

Amazon Says No To Google, Selects Nokia For Mobile Maps

September 17, 2012
Amazon is launching a Maps API for the Kindle Fire thanks to a new partnership with Nokia. The result could allow developers to “break away” from Google, according to The Next Web. According to Dr. Sebastian Kurme, a spokesperson for Nokia’s Communications, Location & Commerce business units:
Amazon is licensing the Nokia Location Platform (NLP) for maps and geocoding. The Nokia Location Platform is the most advanced mobile location platform with a unique global footprint. It provides maps for almost 200 countries (with more than 100 of them navigable) and provides the best, automotive-grade map quality based on industry-leading technology and more than 20 years expertise in mapping. Amongst others, it is already powering Yahoo Maps, and increasingly also powering Bing Maps as well. Location is playing a central role in our strategy, and because of its global footprint, quality and completeness of performance (geocoding, routing, traffic) the Nokia Location Platform offers great opportunities for 3rd parties to build upon. Amazon´s decision to choose the Nokia Location Platform is further proof point that our competence in this space is a key differentiator also for other leading players in the industry to offer great location consumer experiences.
For those keeping score, this means that there are now three location data providers for mobile devices. These include Nokia (with Amazon, Microsoft, and Yahoo as licensees), Google, and Apple. Source: The Next Web

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