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Apple's Personal Assistant Just Got A Siri-ous Upgrade

Apple's Personal Assistant Just Got A Siri-ous Upgrade

September 12, 2012
Up until now, Siri has been considered a beta feature. It hasn't been perfect throughout the last year, but Apple has done a good job keeping it up and running for iPhone 4S users. Apple has showcased the personal assistant in a wide variety of television commercials, and was one of the iPhone 4S' flagship features. Since Siri's release, Apple has decided to expand this feature to the new iPad as well. Once iOS 6 is released, those who own a third-generation iPad will be able to enjoy all of Siri's functionality as well. Apple has recently upgraded Siri with a lot of new features and functionality. Siri's new features include:
  • Sports statistics
  • Rotten Tomatoes integration
  • Send a tweet or post to Facebook
  • Yelp and Open Table integration
  • Launch apps with Siri
Siri in iOS 6 is definitely much better than it was when Apple announced the feature almost a year ago. The best part is, the new iPod touch will be getting Siri as well. What do you think of the new features for Siri?

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