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Design Your Own iPhone 5 Cases With Apple's Official Schematics

Design Your Own iPhone 5 Cases With Apple's Official Schematics

September 15, 2012
Apple has released the official design schematics for the iPhone 5. These blueprints provide every detail and measurement needed for cases, connectors, and other iPhone 5 related accessories. Many manufacturers started producing cases based on rumors and speculation long before these plans were released. With these official schematics, case makers now have the ability to produce accurately designed products for the iPhone 5. The high resolution blueprints provide the tiniest details, all the way down to the space between the Lightning connector and the screws on either of its sides. Apple also makes note of specific precautions when designing accessories for the iPhone 5:
  • No Metal Contact With iPhone 5 Metal
  • Do Not obstruct the acoustic openings: front mic, rear mic, earpiece, and speaker
  • Do no obstruct the imaging features: front Camera, rear camera, rear flash
  • Do not obstruct the proximity sensor or ALS (Ambient Light Sensor)
The schematics are available through Apple’s developer portal, but are also still accessible to those without a developer account. If you’d like to download the high resolution PDF for yourself, you can do so by clicking this link. Source: Apple Via: 9to5Mac

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