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Healthline Body Maps Offers A 3-D Look At The Human Body On iPad

Healthline Body Maps Offers A 3-D Look At The Human Body On iPad

September 4, 2012
Healthline Networks has announced the launch of Body Maps for the iPad. The health app is a 3-D interactive visual learning tool for novices and experts alike. Created by Healthline and GE Healthymagination in partnership with Visible Productions, the app features Retina display-ready anatomy models of both sexes, including anatomical structures for common specialties such as orthopedics, cardiology, and neurology. It does this by using 3-D modeling, high resolution graphics, and animations. According to West Shell III, chairman and CEO of Healthline Networks:
BodyMaps for iPad brings human anatomy to life for everyone. The exceptionally high quality imagery combined with our industry-leading health search technology, simple navigation and compelling content makes it a powerful learning tool, one that grows with users as they increase their knowledge levels over time.
Key Features include:
  • Full color, high-resolution display 3D images depicting  over 1,000 anatomical structures
  • 30 rotatable models of parts of the body such as the eye, knee, and heart, for both men and women
  • 200 videos covering specific conditions, and related symptoms, procedures, and treatments
  • Fully immersive user experience that supports effortless navigation of all layers of the anatomy: pinch, expand,  drag, and tap your way through the body and related content
  • Social media ready so users can easily share images via email or Facebook
  • Search using either clinical terms or everyday language.  For example, typing in “eardrum” will take you to an image of the tympanic membrane
  • Mark-up tool to draw directly on an image to illustrate specific conditions, procedures, or therapies
Healthline Body Maps - 3D Human Anatomy is available for $14.99. This version includes 3-D modeling for both sexes. You can also purchase separate apps according to sex. These include Healthline Body Maps - Female 3D Human Anatomy Reference, and Healthline Body Maps - Male 3D Human Anatomy Reference. These apps sell for $8.99 each. Finally, volume discounts for academic institutions are available through Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program. The app can also be customized for healthcare enterprises such as health plans, pharmaceutical companies, or hospitals looking for visual tools to educate consumers on their bodies and various health conditions.

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