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Looking For A Stand For Your New iPhone 5? Check Out The Minu Stand

Looking For A Stand For Your New iPhone 5? Check Out The Minu Stand

September 22, 2012
Now that you’ve got your brand new iPhone 5, it is time to start looking for great accessories to show it off. We recently found out about an accessory that doesn’t take up any room on your desk, but is one of the most versatile stands you’ll come across. We’ve got a hands-on review of a Kickstarter project of TABU Design’s Minu Stand. The first thing I noticed when I saw the stand was how small it was. It is about two inches in length and one inch in width. It is made of a sturdy plastic and has groves on each angled edge so you can clip your cord to it.

There is an adhesive strip on the back of the tiny stand that is the real anchor. Remove the backing and stick the Minu anywhere you like. On your desk, computer, bookshelf, dashboard, anywhere. Once it is stuck to something, it holds your device in place as sturdy as any large stand. The adhesive is so strong that you can even use these little guys to stand your iPad upright in portrait position.

The versatility of this stand is amazing. Because it uses a sticky backing as the anchor, you can even stick the Minu to the back of your iPhone 5 and it becomes a kickstand for your device. When you anchor it to your iPhone, you can hook it onto anything that has a width of about a quarter of an inch or less. Hook it to your coffee mug, your iPad, your belt. Anywhere that it will fit over can become a new mounting spot for your iPhone. The real treat is when you get two of these babies together. They interconnect with each other so you can stick one of them to the wall and the other to your iPhone. Suddenly, even flat surfaces become mounts to hook your device to. Stick one Minu to the side of your computer with your iPhone’s cord locked into it. Stick another to the back of your iPhone 5 and then hook them together. Now, you have a charging station that doesn’t take up any room on your desk.

There have been some questions regarding whether the sticky backing is strong enough to hold the weight of a device. Let me tell you that the answer is a big, fat yes. When I first opened the box and stuck the stand to the back of my iPhone. I pressed really hard. I figured that would ensure that the stand didn’t come off easily. That, my friends is an understatement. After pulling, twisting, pushing, and yanking. I couldn’t get the stand off of the back of my phone. I was sure it was going to be stuck there forever. I actually had to take a pair of pliers to it in order to get it off. It still wasn’t easy either. With all of my strength, I twisted the Minu Stand with my pliers and after what felt like a whole minute it finally came off.

The good news is that it didn’t damage my iPhone one bit. There wasn’t even any sticky residue left behind. It also didn’t damage the stand, proving that it is made from a tough material. Remember this warning when you get your Minu Stand. Do NOT press hard when applying it to anything. It only needs the slightest bit of pressure to stick. The sticky backing will get dirty over time if you remove and re-place the stand a lot. It can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. I used my Minu Stand for over a week. I stuck it to practically everything in the house. It never lost its stickiness.

The stand is definitely universal. It was able to support my iPhone 3GS, fourth-generation iPod touch, third-generation iPad and even a Kindle e-reader. It will work perfectly with your brand-new iPhone 5. The Minu by TABU Design will retail for $7, but you can get a black stand for only $5 by pre-ordering on from Kickstarter. However, I highly suggest pledging $12 for two stands (too bad the $9 pledge is already sold out). The real fun is when you have two of them. The options are practically unlimited. You won’t regret it. Visit the Minu Stand's Kickstarter page today to order your first iPhone 5 accessory. Go now. The three most popular pledges are already sold out and the campaign only has a few days left.

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