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Meernotes Gets More Hip With Latest Update

Meernotes Gets More Hip With Latest Update

September 26, 2012

When Meernotes first came out last year (under the name of Molenotes), our own Jamie Young deemed it as what the Moleskine app should have been (back then). And she was right.

Meernotes is basically the crossroad of analog and digital. You have the ability to create and keep beautiful Moleskine-like journals in a classy looking digital workspace. There were a few different covers to choose from, and you could give it more analog feel by using a handwritten font, or just stick with a typeset font.

Each notebook originally could only have 32 pages, just like the Moleskine cahier journal notebooks. Having this limitation adds to the feeling that you are using a Moleskine, and not just typing in a text editor or word processor. However, in version 1.2, they removed this cap so you can have unlimited pages in a single notebook. To keep all of your worthwhile notes in place, Meernotes offers Dropbox sync, and you can email single pages or entire notebooks.

We loved Meernotes, and now the app has been refined with version 2.0.

So what’s new? The biggest addition are photos. Yep, that’s right — now you can import images into your Meernotes! Photos can be snapped from the app, taken with Camera+, or just imported. They will take up an entire page in your notebook, but you can rearrange them for the perfect fit in the frame.

Meernotes 2 also comes with a completely new interface that is responsive, fast, and optimized for the iPhone 5 display. Animations are found everywhere, and you will be amazed at how fluid everything is. A swipe up will close the current notebook, and a downward swipe gives you quick access to insert a new page or photo.

If you want to protect your musings from prying eyes, lock up your Meernotes with a passcode lock. And make sure you get your data in or out with Dropbox and Evernote import and export.

While the original Meernotes included some pretty cool cover and font choices, there are now even more to choose from. However, the new covers and fonts are only available through in-app purchases, with three different packs running you $0.99 a pop. You can choose from the ThinkPack, Hip-Pack (colorful variants of Moleskine journals, including a pair of hipster glasses), and the Jane Austen pack. Each one of these comes with a font of your choosing.

If you were not pleased with limitations while editing text in previous versions, then you’ll be happy to know that Meernotes 2 now includes better page editing, where you can insert text without limits. You can also change a note’s date if it is incorrect, and rearranging notebooks is easier than ever.

This is a rather big update, with lots of other changes. Here’s the full change log:

What’s new

✱ add photos (swipe up!)

✱ completely revised interface:

✱ SWIPE DOWN to close notebook

✱ SWIPE UP to insert note or photo!

✱ passcode lock

✱ DropBox export/import

✱ Evernote export

✱ Camera+ integration

✱ iCloud synchronisation

✱ new notebook covers (in-app purchases)

✱ new fonts (in-app purchases)

✱ optimised for 4-inch retina displays (iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5)

✱ copy/paste of long notes (no retro warnings anymore)

✱ better page editing (insert text without limits)

✱ change date of note

✱ re-arrange books by tapping them once, and then dragging them

✱ app now translated into French, Spanish, German and Italian!

✱ change cover/style whenever you want

✱ 1000s of other things the developer forgot to mention

PLEASE NOTE: Meernotes 2 no longer supports custom tabs. While your old notebooks will be converted, the tabs will be lost.

Meernotes has continued to be one of the best analog notebook apps around for the iPhone, and it’s pretty awesome to see it continue to get updates from the developers.

If this has been something you’re looking for, then look no further with Meernotes. This update is available for free for current users, and new customers can grab it for $0.99 in the App Store.

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