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Details Leak Surrounding Apple’s New Headphones And 9-Pin Dock Connector

Details Leak Surrounding Apple’s New Headphones And 9-Pin Dock Connector

September 12, 2012
Apple’s rumored 9-pin dock connector is going to be a drastic change for iOS devices. This connector is said to be part of the new iPhone’s design, and more than likely all future iOS devices. According to 9to5Mac, this new connector actually has a name:
According to our sources, Apple’s new, smaller 9-pin dock connector is dubbed “Lightning” internally. As of this evening, we believe that this name will extend to the new connector’s marketing name. The moniker makes sense for two reasons. One: it goes along with the Thunderbolt connector name on the Mac (Thunderbolt and lightning!). Two: perhaps “Lightning” means that the new dock connector will be able to sync via a computer at faster speeds that the current 30-pin connector. We’d hope so anyway.
Those are both very interesting theories. I can definitely see future iOS devices using a cable that provides faster transfer speeds to compliment the USB 3.0 equip MacBooks that Apple released back in June. Along with the 9-pin "Lightning" connector, 9to5Mac says the redesigned headphones that recently leaked also have a special moniker:
Last week, a pair of new Apple earphones leaked onto the web (shown above) with a unique new design. We’re told that these will be called “Earpods” and will retail for the same price as the current headphones – $29 in the US.
The new “Earpod” headphones certainly look like they will provide better sound quality. If this design is more than just a rumor, these headphones will definitely stay in your ears much better then the current earbud style. Source: 9to5Mac

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