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Pandora Could Be Toast As Apple Gets Ready To Launch Streaming Music Service

September 7, 2012
Pandora, and just about every other music service out there, could soon get some huge competition. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple could soon be getting into the streaming music business. Cupertino is said to be working on a custom-radio service where customers can choose or create virtual “stations” based on their song or artist preferences. The unnamed service would likely work on iOS devices, and through a Web browser. Current streaming music services such as the ones offered by Pandora, Spotify, Slacker Radio, and others are typically free with extra features available for a fee. For example, Spotify allows free Web streaming through their Spotify Free service. However, customers must purchase the $9.99/month Spotify Premium package to stream audio on smartphones, and other mobile devices. Were Apple to unveil a streaming music service, it would almost certainly be bundled into iTunes. Because of this reason alone, the service would likely become quite popular. Our hope is that Apple won’t just release an everyday streaming music service. Rather, we’d like to see Cupertino innovate again and bring us something unique, and exciting. Better yet, Apple should roll whatever premium streaming package they are to offer into an existing iTunes Match subscription, which is available for $24.99/year. Apple is said to be negotiating with the music industry to bring the streaming service online. When it will launch, however, remains an open question. Still, we understand that the company has big plans to announce on Wednesday, Sept. 12. Stay tuned. Source: The Wall Street Journal

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