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PassTools Arrives, Helping Businesses Create Passbook Passes On The Fly

PassTools Arrives, Helping Businesses Create Passbook Passes On The Fly

September 19, 2012
One of the promising new features of iOS 6 is Passbook, Apple’s answer to the virtual mobile wallet. Using the free native app, iOS customers will be able to collect boarding passes, movie and event tickets, coupons, loyalty cards, and more. So, if you’re a small business owner or Fortune 500 company interested in creating Passbook-enabled passes, what should you do? You can either pay a developer to help you or turn to an interesting new solution called PassTools. Created by Tello, Inc., a SaaS and mobile app company, PassTools is designed to help businesses build and manage passes for Passbook. Best of all, it is designed for all companies, big and small. According to Joe Beninato, the CEO and founder of Tello, PassTools was created largely because a tool such as this had yet to come to market. As such, he views PassTools as a great way for companies to enhance their existing mobile payment features, or help new companies to get onboard. He states:
PassTools is filling a huge need in the market by providing businesses large and small with the ability to easily create and manage passes for Apple’s Passbook at scale.
Launching just as Passbook goes live with iOS 6, PassTools offers a number of key features that will help companies more from concept to implementation a pass experience unique to their company. These include:
  • Pass Builder: With simple clicks, consumers can build passes by clicking to choose colors, images, text fields, and more. Passes, once created, may be delivered via email with a click of the Send button.
  • Template Builder: For those companies that need to create high volume personalized passes, the Template Builder is the tool for you. Similar to the Pass Builder, this tool helps business specify which fields will be customized, according to each individual customer.
  • PassTools API: The powerful API helps companies create, update, and delete Passbook passes using a single call.
  • Dashboard: This feature displays everything a business needs to know about the passes with real-time data and analytics. Using Dashboard, clients can see which passes have been created, which customers have added passes to their iPhones, which passes have been removed, and much more.
  • Secure and scalable: PassTools uses a modern cloud architecture and scalable infrastructure that can handle heavy loads, and the detailed field validation that is necessary.
PassTool looks promising and a great way for businesses to begin using Apple’s new Passbook system. To promote PassTools, Tello is offering businesses a free 30-day trial. Thereafter, pricing models start at $99 per month. For more information, visit the recently introduced PassTools website.  

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