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License To Kill Found In Earn To Die

License To Kill Found In Earn To Die

September 22, 2012
Earn to Die by Not Doppler icon

Earn to Die ($0.99) by Not Doppler has you mowing down zombies like weeds.

You are a survivor in a post apocalyptic world and it’s your job to go on a road trip to meet up with another population of survivors. Go on a killing spree to eliminate any zombies standing in your way.

Earn to Die by Not Doppler screenshot

Your controls consist of a rear wheel and forward wheel drive on the left side, with accelerate and boost buttons on the right. Between these is a speedometer, and fuel gauge.

The gameplay is similar to Pumped: BMX in that you need to control the car carefully as you go up and down hills. However, this game is much more forgiving as the car tumbles. There is no health meter and you don’t shed parts away as you somersault.

Each attempt to get as far as you can counts as a “day,” just like in Turtle Fly. Money is awarded all the time, making upgrading your vehicle a piece of cake.

In the garage you can choose from a variety of upgrades, including: tricked-out bumpers, extra fuel capacity, and (of course) shotguns. You can either install them for the first time or increase their power.

Eight vehicles are available, each with the ability to be upgraded to the nines. Save up your money to buy the fancier ones and kick even more zombie butt.

Earn to Die by Not Doppler screenshot

However, the repetitiveness of this game becomes apparent all too quickly. The process goes from upgrading in the garage, to zipping through the level, and turning zombies into red smears. Rinse and repeat.

Overall this game might be a welcomed addition for any zombie fans, but its appeal is limited. An HD version is available as well, which includes Retina support.

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